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Beginner Tutorial.
Creating a drinking glass with Photoshop 7

Start by creating a new image,
Width 800 pix.
Height 600 pix
Resolution 72 pix/inch
Mode RGB Color.
Contents White.
Click View> Rulers Ctrl-R

Set foreground color.
Click on the foreground color block.
Click the custom button
Select Pantone 646 or something close in color.
See image.

Select the Ellipse tool.
Draw an ellipse on the screen from the 4" mark to the 8".
From the Layer menu.
Name the layer, Top.
See image

Make a copy of the Top layer by dragging it down in the Layers pallet to the New layer button.
Name this layer Bottom.
Select the Bottom layer.
Select the Move tool. (V on the keyboard).
Hold Shift and left mouse click on the image and drag the new ellipse down.
See image.

Select the layer Bottom by Ctrl-Left mouse click in the layer pallet.
Select Edit>Transform>Scale.
At the top of the screen just below the Menu bar.
Click the chain link between the W: and H: percentage boxes. To maintain the aspect ratio. Enter 80 percent. See image. Hit enter.

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